Who is Best Botanicals?
Best Botanicals is a family owned business with years of experience in the herbal industry. Our parent company manufacturers private labeled herbal formulations for many companies. We decided to expand our business by offering over 300 herbs to other customers like yourself.

Why buy from Best Botanicals?
In a nut shell, we offer fresh Organic and Wildcrafted herbs with the highest quality available at the best prices. Our inventory is usually turned every 3 months which means you will receive the freshest herbs possible. Please note that we try to offer Organic and Wildcrafted herbs but occasionally we do offer commercially grown herbs if Organic and Wildcrafted herbs are not available.

We offer some rare herbs that are not readily available on the open market. Please let us know what your needs are in advance as the rare herbs sometimes take a longer time to locate.

How do I know I am getting quality herbs?
Each herbal package is identified with a lot # and expiration date. Herbs are best when they are used within 3 years from harvest date.

Each lot # can be traced back to the source through the Certificate of Analysis which shows the country of origin, dates and purification standards.

Where do the herbs come from?
All over the world. We use our own "wildcrafters:"for some of the local herbs here in the USA but we have also found excellent quality of herbs through our international vendors also.

How are the herbs packaged?
We seal the herbs in a plastic mylar resealable pouch in the weights you order. The herbs are placed in the pouch and sealed twice to ensure freshness.

What is the difference between Organic, Wildcrafted & Conventional?
There is a lot of information we can tell you on this subject but it's clearly explained by reading the links below


We source most of the Organic Bulk Herbs from our own farmers. Certified organic Herbs from various parts of the world. In some cases organic is not available due to growing seasons and availability. In this case we would then out source our ingredients using organic first then wildcrafted & as a last resort conventional when and if available.

I feel unsafe about leaving my Credit Card information online is there another way i can order?
We understand your concern and we want you to know that we are protected by a Secure Socket Layer so our customers information is never taken by anyone. If you still are uneasy about online ordering you can send a your order with a Check or Money Order to:
155 West 2050 North
Spanish Fork, Utah

Do you offer Wholesale Pricing?
Yes we do! If you send us your business license that is herbal/health related we will get you quickly setup for wholesale pricing which is currently 50% off Retail.

Do you Private Label for Companies?
That we do! After we have received numerous request from our customers, we are proud to Private Label our Bulk Herbs. You can receive any of the Best Botanicals freshly packed products with your label, your logo.

Just send us the name of your store, a Logo, physical address, website address, phone number & we will prepare a sample label and pricing for your pre-approval.

What payment options do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard & American Express are accepted. Your account will be charged just before your order is shipped. We also accept personal checks, money orders.

Can you mark my order as a gift or declare a lesser value for it so that I don't have to pay as much duty or tax?
We can appreciate that you would like to save some money, but NO, we cannot do this. It is not only dishonest, it is against the law. Please note that even if the package is marked as a gift, duties and/or taxes may still be collected at the discretion of your government.

How long after i place my Order will it ship?
As you may already know we specialize in Organic & Wildcrafted Bulk Herbs along with many other commercial grown whole herb ingredients at extremely competitive prices. We stock hundreds of herbs & your order will usually ship the next day, but if we get your order early in the day & the products are in stock then there is a great chance it will go out the Same Day. If the order is larger, take note that it can take a few days longer than normal.