About Us

All great companies begin with an idea.

Best Botanicals was created when a few people recognized an opportunity to fulfill a need in the Single Bulk Herbal market place.

Basically the idea evolved out of the question on "how to purchase larger volumes of herbs to pass on lower prices to the consumer while maintaining a sufficient inventory of the freshest herbs". Since our sister company, Wholistic Botanicals L.L.C. was experiencing growth challenges and had to order larger volumes of herbs to sustain the need to produce Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas and other private label customers, the obvious solution to keeping fresh herbs in stock was to rotate the inventory about every 3 months.

To accomplish this objective, it was decided to offer the same great raw materials to more customers thus achieving the goal of the freshest herbs in and out of the warehouse.

We have visited other manufacturing facilities and asked how they deal with purchasing inventories and insuring that they do not over stock certain herbs. Their response is usually they end up selling some herbs that are up to 2 years old. We were shocked to find this to be a common practice.

To avoid this problem we order in a 3 months supply at a time and rotate our herbs quickly to provide our original objective to offer the freshest herbs available at the lowest cost.

When you purchase BEST BOTANICALS you are buying nature's best!